Super Joint Solution

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Meeting the Demanding Performance Needs of Today's Equine Athlete


SUPER JOINT SOLUTION is a unique liquid joint supplement containing; H.A., Glucosamine, Chrondrotin and MSM. As a daily top feed supplement SUPER JOINT SOLUTION provides a consistent level and source of raw materials to support joint health and repair.

Chrondroitin is a naturally occurring substance formed of sugar chains. Chrondroitin is believed to help the body maintain fluid and flexibility in the joints.

Glucosamine is a naturally occurring substance that is believed to help to renew and develop cartilage and keep it lubricated for better joint movement and flexibility.

MSM (methylsulfonylme) is a naturally occurring form of sulfer that helps support muscles and tendons in the body.

Hyaluronic Acid is a naturally occurring substance in the body. It is a component of synovial fluid in the joint capsule and tissues surrounding the joint. In the joint HA is directly responsible for lubricating the joint by making the synovial fluid more viscous and slippery,  providing cusioning and protection against friction.

The combination of four important ingredients in one easy to administer liquid make SUPER JOINT SOLUTION a great choice for daily maintenance of joint health.

In addition the formula contains, Vitamin C, Yucca and Boswella Acid to help control inflammation. 








Introducing a complete equine joint supplement that really works! A smart choice for a complete solution…

Super joint solution is a unique liquid equine supplement that establishes a serum level in the horse’s system. As a daily top feed, Super Joint Solution will restore elasticity to stiff joints and aid in the reduction of swelling and pain associated with Degenerative Joint Disease Powerful antioxidants help acute and chronic inflammation, reducing stiffness, thus increasing mobility. Use Super Joint Solution as a prophylactic measure to maintain the young horses. Help older horses stay free of soreness and stiff joints in all parts of their bodies.

Dose Load: Twice daily as a top feed for for 7 days, then reduce to recommended amount..

Feeding Instructions: Average size horse 1,100 lbs, feed 1/2 oz. . For larger animals, feed 1 oz daily.


1 gallon at a 1/2 ounce daily is a 8 month supply; 1 ounce daily is a 4 month supply
1/2 gallon at a 1/2 ounce daily is a 4 month supply; 1 ounce daily is a 2 month supply
Quart at a 1/2 ounce daily is 2 month supply; 1 ounce daily is a 1 month supply
(After loading dose)

INGREDIENTS: Per (1) ounce 
Glucosamine Sulfate - 5 ,000 mg
Chrondroitin HCI - 2,500 mg
Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) - 3,500 mg
Ascorbic Acid - 1,300 mg
Yucca Schidigera - 500 mg
Hyaluronic Acid - 150 mg
Boswella Acid - 60 mg