About Us

Cindy Matheson

Island Equine Products imports Choice of Champions Equine health supplements from Florida for distribution throughout Canada. Richard has a 20 year background in product sales and development and Cindy is well respected as a Trainer, Coach, Rider and experienced Horsewoman.

Choice of Champions products were first tried in Wellington, FL. By Cindy and found to work exceptionally well. Cindy quotes "I would never recommend anything I have not used and proven to work well". Allyn Maix, owner of Choice of Champions in Wellington, Florida, was 100% right when she first presented these supplements, stating, "The proof is in the results, these products really do work."

The "Choice of Champions" supplements, sold in Canada, have been approved by Health Canada and carry an NN Number.

Choice of Champions International was created in 2006 to fill the void that existed for specialized equine supplements that really work!

Owner, Allyn Maix, is avid horsewoman and has been involved in various aspects of the equine industry for over 30 years.

Choice of Champions International products are helping horses in virtually every equestrian discipline including polo, jumping, dressage & racing to name but a few.

The word is getting out about Choice of Champions with the growing number of veterinarians using and recommending the products.

"We are so proud of our quality products and it is gratifying to hear the success stories we receive from our customers", says Maix. "But the proof is in the pudding and, unless you try our products, you'll never know how much they can help your horses."

Richard and Cindy