Super Joint Solution
  • Enhances repair of damaged cartilage tissue
  • Helps reduce joint inflammation
  • Helps reduce joint stiffness
  • Health Canada approval NN. XOFO

Recommended by veterinarians, professional trainers, and champion riders

the Choice of Champions brand of equine supplements are helping horses in virtually every equestrian discipline including jumping, dressage, polo, racing, reining, cutting, roping and barrel racing.

"Finally, natural products that work! The proof is in the horse and horses don’t lie. Choice of Champions products have helped our horse in amazing ways that we didn’t think possible. When her canter became rocky, we suspected it may be stomach ulcers. Within nine days on U-shield, her canter was smooth and light. After a few weeks, we decided to take her off the U-shield for a little experiment. In under a week, her canter worsened. We put her back on the formula and her canter came back. No more experiments for us! For less than a dollar a day, we are keeping her on U-shield. As an older mare, we also find that Super Joint Solution helps keep her limber. It has contributed to many saved dollars in injections that we did not need to get. We are so thankful to have discovered this line of products and that they are now available in Canada. Choice of Champions helps our horse and that helps us."

Diane Barnes

"Tuckers Smart Cat was Reserve Champion at the Circly Y Derby at the National Reined Cow Horse Association Celebrations of Champions show in San Angelo, Texas. Five days after that he won the World Championship of the Open Hackamore class winning the Regional, National and World Open Hackamore champion titles. He continues to be a happy, consistant performer with no joint problems thank to your Super Joint Solution and U-Shield products."

Lyn Anderson

Performance and health we demand it of our horses, we pray for it, we laugh and cry over it,

and we wish it would last forever. When our horses are at their peak, we are too. When they are not, we want a product that is going to work — and work fast.

U Shield
  • Promotes digestion and nutrient absorption
  • Health Canada approval NN. CAYM

Easy Does It
  • Calms nervous horses
  • Used before shipping
  • Takes the edge off before racing and showing
  • Health Canada approval NN. A6D3

For setbacks in your horse’s health and performance

Choice of Champions has developed specialized horse supplements that can get your horse back to full speed and top form in record time. Used and recommended by top professionals in a range of equestrian sports and equine medicine, our line of supplements work wonders for young and old horses with joint problems, ulcers, and respiratory problems.

"I have been competing for almost two decades as a junior, amateur and a professional. During that time I've seen numerous supplement products be introduced to the industry. None of which I have researched and/or tried compares to Choice of Champions. For my jumpers, Super Joint is just what the horses need to jump their best in and out of the ring. For my hunters, hot and nervous horses, Easy Does It is perfect to take off the edge and help them focus on winning. Lastly, the Lung Aid and U-Shield are the best products to help my horses feel their best all year long so I can turn all of my attention to competing. I've used Choice of Champions for nine years on all my horses and have yet to find a product to match the quality, price and results."

Sarah Tredennick, Wood Run Farm

Lung Aid
  • Healthy lungs
  • Helps fight infections
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Helps prevent Epistaxis
  • Health Canada approval pending

Continually improving
day by day we all strive to reach our best performance

proper care and supplementation can help us reach that goal. We put the same level of effort into providing the best product we can for your horse's health.

"Finding a horse with four-star ability is a rarity. Achieving four star success with that very horse is even harder due to many unforeseen circumstances that go hand-in-hand in the capricious nature of the sport. Being that our sport is undoubtedly taxing on our equine partners, I am constantly searching for things that can make their job all the easier. That's why I choose Lung Aid made by Choice of Champions. Weeks before Rolex in 2010 Anthony Patch had developed a cough due to allergies, dusty hay, and constant trailering. I immediately added Lung Aid to his feed regimen and not only did I find the cough was immediately eradicated, he cooled out twice as fast after his hard gallops and jump schools. Since then, I have earnestly placed Alex, in addition to every one of my event horses, on the Lung Aid supplement by Choice of Champions and will continue to do so for many four stars to come."

Lainey Ashker
International Three Day Event Rider and OTTB enthusiast